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Top immigration lawyers in Whitby, Ontario

Immigrating to another country either for work, study, or full-time settlement is always a challenging ordeal. The process of citizenship application,student Visa application, Visit visa appeal, business Visa application, sponsorship application for spouses and so on is usually a lengthy one that can sometimes be emotionally draining. That's why it's usually a good idea to seek the services of qualified immigration attorneys. Whitby immigration law firms have excellent immigration barristers that are well-versed in the complex Canada Immigration Laws. With a Whitby immigration solicitor, your process of applying for a Canadian Visa or citizenship becomes a much easier and straightforward process. Many Whitby immigration solicitors offer free consultation and evaluation services. If you are in Canada, it's a good idea to visit your Whitby immigration solicitor in person. The barrister will ask you to furnish him or her with a number of documents that will help in processing your application. There are numerous cases where an immigration lawyer can be of help to you. Immigration law is notoriously complicated and it's run by a bureaucracy that does not always receive public oversight and scrutiny as you might expect. If you are already embroiled in immigration court proceedings, such as deportation hearings, you will need a qualified immigration lawyer to handle your case. A common reason for denial of an immigration appeal is due to inadmissibility. For instance, people with records of having lied to Canadian authorities, or have previously committed crimes, might typically be considered inadmissible. Whitby immigration barristers will advise you appropriately whether you are admissible or not, and what steps you can take.

Additionally, complex cases such as those involving immigrants with spouses in Canada who divorce, or separate from their spouses before their permanent residence status is approved by the immigration authorities are best taken care of by immigration lawyers. If you have already initiated the immigration proceedings by yourself, and are experiencing delays, or you are overwhelmed by the paperwork involved, it would be a good idea to seek the services of Whitby immigration solicitors. An immigration lawyer can not only expedite your application, but in many cases can be the difference of whether your application succeeds or fails.

Best immigration lawyers in Whitby, Ontario

If your immigration application id denied the first time you try, there is no need to panic. Whitby immigration lawyers provide excellent legal services, and will advise you on the necessary steps you can take to appeal your case. You might be pleasantly surprised to discover that even in complex cases such as those involving people with criminal records, detention review, and refugee status application among others, Whitby immigration barristers can save you the cost of hiring expensive criminal lawyers by handling the cases themselves. The immigration lawyer will give you the timelines and deadlines for your case and when to expect the case to be reviewed. Some immigration cases are time-sensitive, and an immigration attorney can help expedite the process. One such case involves parents with children who are likely to be over 21 years by the time the application is granted. It's usually strongly advisable to be as truthful with your Whitby immigration barrister as possible. Another leading cause of immigration applications being delayed or denied is inappropriately filling the immigration forms, or lack of full disclosure. A Whitby immigration barrister will offer you the best advice on how to go about your immigration application. The immigration solicitor will obtain written notes about your immigration case from the CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) and respond promptly to inquiries from CIC authorities. Your Whitby immigration barrister will also prepare you for an interview with the CIC by going over the possible questions and give you legal advice on how to respond.

The solicitor will also provide you with regular updates about your application status. The attorney will also track whether the CIC authorities are meeting the stipulated standards when processing your immigration applications. If your application is approved, the immigration lawyer will direct you to the right Canadian resources that will help you settle down in Canada with a minimum of hassles. Many Whitby immigration solicitors also help their clients find jobs in Canada. It makes perfect sense to seek the services of Whitby immigration lawyers to handle your immigration case for you and make it as painless as possible.

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