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Top Criminal Defense lawyers in Halifax, Nova Scotia

There are two classes of lawyers; there are those who handle civil cases and those who take on criminal cases. There are also criminal defense and criminal persecution attorneys. When one is accused of a crime, they need a criminal defense lawyer to defend them. Criminal defense lawyers defend individuals and companies charged with criminal conduct. Criminal conduct cases include those to do with fraud charges, theft charges,domestic violence,correctional law, drug offenses,indictable offenses, hunting and fishing offenses as well as hybrid offenses. Criminal defense lawyers also handle cases to do with parole and probation, provincial offenses,restraining orders issued to protect alleged victims of abuse,sexual offenses and summary offenses, native law and fire loss claims.They will also take on arrest warrants issued against their client. They will try to secure their release by applying for bail or a bond. Should their client be found guilty, they may file an appeal to get the guilty verdict overturned or the sentence reduced. A criminal defense attorney will usually specialize in a niche such as DUI defense or drug possession or distribution defense. Others handle fraud cases. They will also try and assist their client before charges are formally filed by a prosecuting attorney where the client may believe they are being investigated or have been arrested. A person accused of a crime may also hire a criminal defense attorney for counsel and to represent them in dealing with the police or other law enforcement agency. If it is available, they will present evidence that can get charges dropped before they are formally filed.

Best Criminal Defense lawyers in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Those who live in the area of Halifax, Nova Scotia or who are facing charges here need to contact Halifax Criminal law firms from where they can hire Halifax Criminal Defense lawyers or Halifax Criminal defense solicitors. Every jurisdiction has its own laws and Halifax Criminal defense barristers and other classes of attorneys are licensed to practice in specific jurisdictions. Apart from hiring a Halifax Criminal defense attorney, one can also seek the services of a Halifax defense consultant who can give their recommendations about a case and also recommend a criminal defense Nova Scotia attorney. A number of criminal defense practices offer criminal lawyer free consultation. A criminal defense lawyer is privately detained while others are employed by the government to represent those who cannot afford to hire their own attorney. They are known as public defenders. To find criminal defense lawyers, one can ask family, friend or family for recommendations or search through various directories. There are also associations of Halifax, Nova Scotia criminal lawyers who have online directories of their members and there are directories put up by government bodies who act as a watchdog to ensure that licensed lawyers abide by the rules and regulations that govern them. Such bodies have the authority to suspend or cancel the licenses of lawyers for misconduct. The best criminal defense attorneys will have a good understanding of the rights of an accused person so that they can explore every possible avenue to securing their release. When a case first comes up, the lawyer will start by reviewing the charge or charges and carrying out an analysis to determine whether any of their client's rights have been violated. For instance, were they injured or otherwise harmed when they were being arrested? Were they given a chance to contact someone as they are entitled to? Was the evidence that the prosecution has illegally acquired? If this happened, the defense lawyer will bring this up in court. Criminal defense lawyers therefore spend a lot of time reviewing cases, going over the facts with a fine tooth comb. If they deem it necessary, they may hire the services of an investigator to verify facts.

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